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Day 6 - Working in Prahos Kbal

Friday, July 12, 2013


We got up very early today. Just before 6 am and a few of us decided that we would go for a run. Rainbow, Kailey and I set off out of the village and down the road to a path for a morning run. It wasn't hot yet but the temperature felt like it was around 16 to 17 degrees. I ran for a bit but not very long. It felt stuffy and to be honest I didn't want to get chapped legs as I was running in shorts. It was so incredibly beautiful. Peaceful and serene. Water buffalo plowing fields, people riding bicycles as well as motorcycles going by.

Not sure how long we went for but it was a wonderful way to start the day. We went back to the village and joined the others for breakfast.

After breakfast it was time to get to work. We went to the back of the school were we continued to use the elephant feet and crushed more rocks and flattened them into the sand. This was part of the foundation for the walkway around the school. Eventually we were able to pack down the rocks and the sand enough in each section. Then we had to make the cement. We filled buckets with sand and brought the sand buckets and poured them on a foundation that was between the new school and the elementary school. For each pile of sand we needed 18 buckets and 3 bags of cement. After the sand was on the foundation we went to get the cement. At 110 pounds per bag, we needed four women to carry each bag. The bag was sitting in the basket with handles on each side and on the front. After we were done with the cement we had to get buckets of water. The children were so good. They just jumped in to help without being asked.

After lunch we didn't lay down for a nap which was probably a smart thing. Yesterday when we did that it took us so very long to get going afterwards. But we obviously had needed the rest. The heat and hard work takes a toll. You get pretty tired.

More sand and more foundation this time at the front of the school. Then more sand gotten ready for tomorrow.

We sat around talking for a while. Lots of stories, shared life experiences and laughing. I have laughed more on this trip than I have in a very long time, years. What does that say. I am truly happy doing this. Not always easy and sometimes a challenge but it is most rewarding. We are living with purpose here.

Rainbow brought out sidewalk chalk and Lily wrote the entire alphabet on the walkway. We then had a child stand at each alphabet and some of the group as well. Clark would call out a letter and the child would run from one letter to another. A good way for them to learn the alphabet.

A little boy who learned my name repeated it again today. His name is Panot and he then asked me to join his friends to play volleyball. It was really sweet and I played with them until it was my time to shower. Fortunately I was adept enough to keep the volleyball up the air more times than not.

We had quite the thunder storm and it was a very heavy downpour. Our first heavy rain since arriving.

Dinner was soon served and then it was back to our rooms to chit chat and we were in bed by 8 pm.

Tomorrow we would put in a day of work and then head back to Pursat to have two days of rest.

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