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Day 8 - Motorcycle Ride

Sunday, July 14, 2013

storm 27 °C

Today we were in Pursat. After we had our usual breakfast in the dining room, we went for a walk to the boat which is a park/playground about 10 minutes from our hotel. It was quiet there and a few people were sitting up on the stage playing cards while their tv was on. Everyone removed their shoes before coming onto the stage. I notice that this is not uncommon when you enter some businesses as well. I assume it is to help with the dirt as many of the roads are not paved. In the morning and evening aerobics classes are held on this stage. We did talk about having a yoga class there but we didn't get back there after lunch.

Took some fun pictures and part of the team went off to the other end of the boat to check out the playground. I stayed with Kailey on the stage. We had earlier attracted three girls of about 14 to 15 years old. They just sat with us and smiled and when we asked them a question they would respond. It ended up being an impromptu English class with Kailey asking the girls questions.

We then went to the market for an hour. I was able to score a couple of dresses and a beautiful piece of fabric. Lily had spotted the fabric which matches the dress that Cambodian Barbie is wearing. Dresses cost me $4.00 and $5.00 respectively. They were maxi dresses and totally nice for summer. The piece of fabric, which I believe is a Thai Silk Brocade was only $7.50 and likely a metre long. It could be used as a sarong or table cloth. The lady at the market kindly finished off the ends of the fabric based on my preference of either having it joined or finished at each end. Shopping was not as good at this market and vendors were less interested in bargaining. Less people shopping here but also less competition.

We took a lot of pictures of the vendors. Slabs of pork sitting on tables and one table had the whole pig's head. People were sleeping in hammocks hung up right in the middle of their stall. One stall was Revlon products and it could have been taken right out of a drug store or grocery store in North America. The only way you would even know that it was in the Orient was that there was a small shrine on the floor.

Many of the jewellry vendors had stacks of cash locked up in their jewellry cases. I guess this is safer than a cash register.

It was really hot out and we really felt it. Before going back to the hotel we all bought fresh coconuts and enjoyed the juice and later the flesh. Yuuum, I am now hooked on coconut. Never tried them in Hawaii or in Taiwan or any other hot country that I have been to.

We also bought some dragon fruit at the market to have for after lunch.

We had lunch and then after lunch we were going to go on a motorcycle ride arranged for us by Leah. I hadn't been on the back of a motorcycle since Taipei which was back in 1981/1982 when I rode the back of a scooter with Andrew's Dad.

Our motorcycle ride was delayed due to a rainstorm. It was quite the downpour and didn't end till nearly 3:45. Originally we were to go on a ride at 3 pm.

I went with Tia and I was just a bit nervous as it had been some 30 years since I had even sat on a motorcycle/scooter. I was scared and nervous but the ride was exhilarating. Lots of fun and even though I was chicken to do it, there was no way I was passing up doing this. I didn't ask him to stop once and barely talked to him. I wanted his eyes on the road and didn't want to distract him with questions.

The ride was probably 30 minutes or so in total with two stops. A sweet thing happened at our first stop. There was a home on the other side of a body of water and there was a narrow path to the road. Three dogs ran across this to check us out. No barking, just curious.

We went along quiet roads and it was really fun.

After our motorcycle ride it was back to our rooms, another lovely shower, a couple of hours of down time and then we went to the lobby for 7 pm.

We went for dinner with Leah and her husband Piep at the Magic Fish Restaurant in Pursat. Dinner was morning glory, deep fried fish balls, fried rice and french fries.

After dinner we headed back to our hotel pretty quick as we had an early morning as we were heading back to the village. Some talking to Linda, drafting and posting to the blog and by 10:30 pm I couldn't take it anymore and had to go to sleep.

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