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Day 10 - Working in Prahos Kbal - Hitting a Wall

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Went to bed nice and early last night and fell into a not too bad sleep. Somewhat restless and I remember turning from side to side to get comfortable. Woke up just after 3 am with an urgent need to go pee. Crap. Really didn't want to have to get up and go into the dark but I forced myself to do it. Came back and didn't sleep well for the next three hours. What felt like a short time after returning to my bed, I felt a hand on my foot, it was time to get up. I had told the others that I would always want to go for a walk in the am.

We left shortly after 6 am and the sun had now risen.

The walk was wonderful, lots of motorcycles with as many as three people riding. Bicycles, water buffalo and much to see. I walked further this time than last and saw a lot of homes and took many pictures. The entire team was up and out.

We walked for an hour and then returned to breakfast. Everyone was starting to feel quite warm. The temperature was beginning to rise.

After breakfast of baguettes, jam, peanut butter and scrambled eggs, I went to have a nap. I couldn't do it otherwise. I must have slept for over an hour and woke up to hearing the others talking. I thought they were in the room with me but they were outside painting.

Today we continued painting first coats and then second coats. Today was tougher to get into the painting. We were most fortunate to have a good 10 to 15 helpers. The children here are incredibly helpful. Also funny, silly and goofy. They were singing to songs taught to them by us as well as silly phrases. They would ask us our names and we would ask them for theirs, Aum, Panot, Rot and many others. I definitely had trouble remembering the names, although a few would stick.

Lunch couldn't come soon enough and we happily enjoyed that, had a short rest after and it was back to painting. Not my thing as we were literally at times watching paint dry. The paint smell didn't help the process but we continued. It felt like everyone in the team was hitting a bit of a wall today. Perhaps just re-adjusting to being back to the village, not sleeping as well, and the tediousness of painting.

We ended our painting fairly early. There were a lot of rest breaks, water breaks and bathroom breaks. Tougher today for sure.

I played volleyball with some of the children, along with Rainbow and Clark. Lily rode one of the kid's bikes. Clark had done so earlier in the day and was riding a bike again. Linda went off with the children for a bike ride down the road. They had a terrific time. We also gave the kids all the skipping ropes and they had a very fun time with those.

Sat on the swing and helped the children with trying to keep Clark up in the air on the teeter totter. Not an easy task when you are dealing with an engineer. He would angle his body so that he managed to hold his position. Me and three to four boys just couldn't do it.

Soon enough it was shower time. Huge relief for several of us who didn't get a chance to shower yesterday. After that it was dinner time and we playing a game of Celebrities and it was bed time again. There was a bit of a kuffufle as a centipede was found in with Kailey's bedding. I was so tired I didn't even go help. Definitely a wreck. Need sleep.

I read for a bit and then fell alsleep.

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